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Win the Swiss Bank Account

The Prize

A sum of money from Dioctipoid sales will be placed in a The Swiss Bank Account and
awarded to The Entrant who can solve the Puzzle in the shortest time, as determined in
the Final Stages of  The Competition, and in accordance
with The Rules.

The prize fund is at £888.oo

The Competition

At a future date, either to be announced and/or before the Prize reaches £80,008,oo, the
top hundred or so Entrants who can show the Judges the highest face value of     Tokens
on a given date will be invited to take part in the Final Stages of  the Competition to
compete for The Prize.

To quote a famous film, there can be only one winner.

The Puzzle

In the Final Stages of  The Competition, the Puzzle will be a design of  Dioctipoid with a
unique solution that the Entrants will not have seen before.

And it will be as fiendishly difficult as we can devise.

The Entrants

The competition will be open to anyone but if you are under eighteen then you must have
the permission and full support of your parents/legal guardian, and if you win, the prize
will be held in trust and awarded to you when you are eighteen.

The Rules

The Rules are subject to change at any time and without warning at the Judge's (this is me)

Entrants agree to abide by these rules, we will apply them fairly and without favour.

We shall publish the Rules  here and maintain a Q & A forum.

Dioctipoid        Tokens

              Included in the Sale of a Dioctipoid (to
               be found in the box), will be a     Token
                 with a declared Face Value. Sales of early
             Dioctipoid models will include a token
            with a larger Face Value. Keep an eye
                 on this section of the website as we will  
                        announce additional ways to earn      Tokens.  

The Proof

Place a video of yourself solving our Dioctipoid puzzle on Youtube, the first person to
solve each variant will be awarded an Infinity Token, this means instant entry to the Final
Stages of the Competition.

A word of caution here. Be honest in posting your videos and
pay attention to the guidelines posted here.

There will also be other ways to win Infinity Tokens but we will restrict these to one per
Entrant and we intend to issue a limited number of these.

The Warning

This competition, while designed to support the sale of our product, is also meant to be
fun. The monies in The Swiss Bank Account will be held separate from the normal
accounts of our business and we will not  benefit from these whatever happens.

But, if  The Competition, in our judgement, encourages cheating, bullying, or otherwise
nasty behaviour than we will decide that this Competition is not fun and donate The Prize
to charity.

Any Entrant we find that has behaved in this way will also be disqualified from receiving
The Prize.

The Hint

As stated earlier in the history, there is an incredibly inventive puzzle aficionado crowd
out there who have been experimenting with one-offs, prototyping activity and
realisations of various designs ever since Ermo Rubik first popularised the concept.

These people have achieved some really quite remarkable machines. The existence of one
of these came as a total surprise to me. However, foreknowledge of the existence of, or
solution to, this puzzle will obviously tilt the playing field which will not do at all!

So, as much as I hate to say this, please be aware that there may well be a video out there
that offers a possible solution algorithm to a machine which functions in a manner parallel
to ours.

Follow this link  if you wish to view or search under FTO or Rex cube but you will
probably have a lot more fun solving the Dioctipoid on your own!

And, as I haven't been able to solve ours yet I am admittedly curious and so would really
like to know how you are getting along.
Designersaurus Rex Ltd.
Moulding Innovations Ltd.